Goddess Genes

September 2, 2019

When I got the call to say i'd be styling the Mathers Sister's my instant reaction was "OMG yaassss". I'd been manifesting styling these goddess sisters for quite some time, so excitement was an understatement. When arriving in Byron Bay at the location I felt like I was in a Moroccan dream. This one of a kind location felt like we stepped foot into a Marrakesh interior daydream. When prepping the different looks for the sisters it was hard not to stare at their beauty. These babes are exquisite and genetically blessed with crazy goddess genes. Neil worked the camera like a boss and captured the beauty these sisters shine ever so brightly. I paired matching swim sets with simplistic jewels, snuck some shells in where I could and threw in a bit of vintage prop just to keep my style flowing. So go and channel your inner goddess and shine bright baby! 







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